fredag 19. desember 2008

New years eve @ Cafe Opera

For a great party at new years eve, Teddy Touch, Even Brenna & Dj Lion have made a party at Cafe Opera. I just finished the design on their ad material. One ticket is gonna cost kr. 150,-. To get tickets contact them at:

onsdag 17. desember 2008

Christmas marching in @ operasta

Design on the Christmas poster for Operasta just finish. DJ LION and Mr. Machine will hold the last Operasta the 20th of December at Cafe Opera as always.

onsdag 10. desember 2008

Oslo Lighting Company is online

Then Oslo Lighting Company's webpages is online. The new design gives the company a more modern look. Check them out here

tirsdag 2. desember 2008

Stella Mwangi aka STL concert material

Just finished the job for DJ Lion and Wazalendo Kenya. They are gonna celebrate the Kenyan Independence day at BIKS together with Stella Mwangi. Stella is known for her hit song: "Take it back.
Check it out here. You should attend on this concert if you don't wanna miss out on something big the 13th of december.

Design on Teddy Touch mixtape

I just finished the design on Teddy Touch new mixtape "Soul Clap." The cd is now in production and will be in hard copy within short time. This was a collabration between Teddy Touch, Dj Lion, Caffe Italia and Xhibition.

onsdag 15. oktober 2008

New festival in a new format

Just finished the graphic profile for the new festival in Marken. This will be an exciting festival with a different format. More information at:

tirsdag 14. oktober 2008

Grung Arkitektur is online

Grung Arkitektur AS is one of the most exciting architecture companies in Bergen, Norway. So I have been working close together with Ove and Arve at Grung Arkitektur AS to make this new graphic profile. I have made a new logo from Ove's vision of how he wanted to profile his company, and also made their new webpages. Check them out at:

onsdag 3. september 2008

New webpages for Oslo Lighting Company

Oslo Lighting Company is one of the leading lighting companies in Norway. They deliver lighting for interior, exterior and industrial use. They have the biggest cinemas and biggest hospitals on their client list. Their webpages will come on

tirsdag 2. september 2008

New graphic profile for Steg

Starting on new graphic profile for Steg, Dans & Trening this week. Logo above is their logo as it looks today. Follow this blog to see their new graphic profile. I'm also gonna make a new webpage for them at

mandag 1. september 2008

Thumbs up - The Hoff had a great time

Even David Hasselhoff had a great time on saturday. He sent us a video from the after party.

In a month we will be back with another evening of great fun.

tirsdag 26. august 2008

Tufa goes online again

Tufa is gonna go online again at I just received the job from John at Tufa. We hope the pages will be up running within a month. More info will come as we go.

mandag 25. august 2008

One of a kind ?uestlove :: THE ROOTS ::

?uestlove from The Roots kindly signed my Apple MacBook Pro Charger when he played in Bergen. Perhaps it is one of a kind?

onsdag 20. august 2008

Passion @ oktan publicis

The local soccer club in Bergen, Brann, just made a 32 page magazine which was distributed in 100.000 ex. I was so lucky to get this graphic design job at oktan publicis. The magazine is called "PASSION" (lidenskap) which is also part of Brann's profile: "true passion" (ekte lidenskap)

Graphic profile for "Kroppsøving" done @ oktan publicis

At my job at Oktan Publicis I just made the graphic profile & design for Roar Brekke's new standupshow "Kroppsøving". Photo by: Line Møllerhaug. The show plays at Ricks in september and october. For more info go to: or

New graphic profile

Made a new graphic profile for Villa Skjoldnes AS.

Ane Blich House

Started working with Ane Blich House on Nesttun. Have allready done their summer sale campaign "Sales Actually". More work will come

mandag 11. august 2008

Last saturday every month @ silver

Last saturday every month me and stian plays music at silver.
David Hasselhoff says: "thumbs up"

mandag 4. august 2008

Reggae History Chapter 1

Please join us @ BIKS for a great party the 23rd

Need tickets? Send me an email at
Please go to: for more information