tirsdag 26. august 2008

Tufa goes online again

Tufa is gonna go online again at www.tufa.no. I just received the job from John at Tufa. We hope the pages will be up running within a month. More info will come as we go.

mandag 25. august 2008

One of a kind ?uestlove :: THE ROOTS ::

?uestlove from The Roots kindly signed my Apple MacBook Pro Charger when he played in Bergen. Perhaps it is one of a kind?

onsdag 20. august 2008

Passion @ oktan publicis

The local soccer club in Bergen, Brann, just made a 32 page magazine which was distributed in 100.000 ex. I was so lucky to get this graphic design job at oktan publicis. The magazine is called "PASSION" (lidenskap) which is also part of Brann's profile: "true passion" (ekte lidenskap)

Graphic profile for "Kroppsøving" done @ oktan publicis

At my job at Oktan Publicis I just made the graphic profile & design for Roar Brekke's new standupshow "Kroppsøving". Photo by: Line Møllerhaug. The show plays at Ricks in september and october. For more info go to: www.roarbrekke.no or www.kulturoperatorene.no

New graphic profile

Made a new graphic profile for Villa Skjoldnes AS.

Ane Blich House

Started working with Ane Blich House on Nesttun. Have allready done their summer sale campaign "Sales Actually". More work will come

mandag 11. august 2008

Last saturday every month @ silver

Last saturday every month me and stian plays music at silver.
David Hasselhoff says: "thumbs up"

mandag 4. august 2008

Reggae History Chapter 1

Please join us @ BIKS for a great party the 23rd

Need tickets? Send me an email at thebatfly@gmail.com
Please go to: www.djlion71.com for more information