fredag 23. januar 2009

Winner of best magazine in BT

thebatfly also took the price for best magazine in Bergens Tidende, together with Oktan Publicis, at BT PRISEN 2008.

Winner of BT PRISEN 2008

The people has spoken - thebatfly is the official winner of the peoples advertisement price 2008. Thanks for voting guys :)

Beredt Gruppen 40 years

Beredt Gruppen in Bergen celebrates 40 years in business. I have designed their new anniversary logo, thanks to Hans Wade who kindly gave me this job.

Oslo Lighting Company goes for a better 2009

Oslo Lighting Company starts the year with more marketing. They are gonna have an ad in the magazine Rett Hjem which is distributed in 65.000 ex in Bergen. I made the ad, with photo's from Sture Nepstad, and a lot of help from Erik V. Simonsen at Oktan Publicis. Thanks to Hanne and Thomas at Oslo Lighting Company for using me for their marketing.